Our Team

Christopher Frederick brings together the talents of team members in four areas critical to hiring superior candidates:

Research: The power of Christopher Frederick’s digital network goes beyond the thousands of high-potential contacts in our database. Researchers on our team identify only the most qualified professionals in real estate and construction to approach with potential career opportunities.

Marketing: Our messaging to potential candidates is crafted by a dedicated marketing professional for maximum impact. Members of our marketing team carefully tailor our outreach to appeal to job seekers, while meeting the exact specifications of the open position.

Support: We’re responsive. That means replying rapidly to both clients and candidates throughout the hiring process. Our support team saves hiring managers time by qualifying respondents and managing their correspondence.

Recruiting: Bringing three decades of experience, Christopher Frederick founder Chris Hingle remains deeply involved in every step of the process. He ensures our team finds the highest quality talent for consideration while delivering excellent client service. You can read more about his extensive expertise in real estate and construction recruiting here.