Christopher Frederick Search Consultants

A Better Way to Recruit the Best & Brightest

Leverage the Largest Database in the Industry

The best and brightest candidates are out there, but they’re often not actively looking for a new job. With Christopher Frederick, they’re still within your reach thanks to our proprietary nationwide database of more than 600,000 up-to-date industry contacts, 95 percent of who are currently employed. Our network includes professionals across the country in every specialty of real estate, construction and architecture – from niche talent to top-level leadership. Leveraging this one-of-a-kind system, our experienced recruiting experts find, screen and interview high-potential candidates more efficiently.

Benefit From Decades of Industry Recruiting Expertise

With Christopher Frederick, your executive search is backed by more than 30 years of experience and the largest digital network within the real estate, construction and architecture industry. That means we not only locate and connect directly with ideal candidates so you can fill your positions in the near term, we’re well-versed in screening and interviewing to ensure an ideal fit for the long term. Rely on our powerful digital network and our nuanced approach to find the best candidates in the most efficient way.

Enjoy Personal, Professional Service

Although Christopher Frederick boasts the largest technology database in the business, our practice was built on the sterling service of founder Chris Hingle. After building a team around the four critical areas for recruiting success, Hingle continues to focus on personal relationships with clients and candidates alike, offering hands-on help to achieve goals throughout the recruiting process. Plan to be pleasantly surprised at the knowledge and attention dedicated to your recruiting needs.